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Weapons of mASS Destruction Part 2

Goddess Nyx and Mistress Kawaii are back from a big meal and eager to crush their human seat again! They reposition their slave so they can both sit side by side, full weight, covering the slave's body from face to knees with their incredible asses! The slave's face and body are absolutely crushed under Kawaii's and Nyx's combined weights, but the Mistresses couldn't care less. Replacement slaves are easy to come by afterall! Kawaii and Nyx are relentless, lifting just enough to keep the slave alive. Is there any way the slave can survive an entire night beneath these two smother queens? They're going to find out!

Facesitting Human Furniture Chest Sitting Ass Smother Full Weight Kawaii Goddess Nyx

Featuring: Goddess Nyx, Kawaii, The Queendom

DOWNLOAD FOR 7.99 USD OR 8 Credits

Weapons of mASS Destruction Part 1

Be on alert everyone! Two dominatrixes in possession of weapons of mASS destruction are on the loose! They have booties of incredible size and power and have been known to use them to smother and flatten men! "Look at how small he is!" Goddess Nyx says, delighted to have such a crush-able victim at Her disposal. "Yeah he's so tiny," Mistress Kawaii agrees, "such a skinny little wimp!" Goddess Nyx thinks that Her and Kawaii's enormous asses can cover the man from head to toe and Kawaii agrees that its worth trying. While Nyx swallows the man's face in an incredible reverse facesit, Mistress Kawaii stretches out her legs in a full weight chest sit. Their wimpy seat is completely overpowered, their combined weight easily pinning the man as they sit. When Mistress Kawaii spreads her cheeks for a full weight facesit the man's face disappears beneath her! Lots of great close ups as these Mistresses use their epic butts to smother, crush, and dominate their slave!

Facesitting Smother Human Furniture Ass Smother Kawaii Goddess Nyx

Featuring: Goddess Nyx, Kawaii, The Queendom

DOWNLOAD FOR 10.99 USD OR 11 Credits

Consumed By Andreas Ass

Andrea Rosu enjoys traveling in comfort so she stays at the nicest giantess friendly hotels. She's just arrived at her suite after a long day of flying. She takes a minute to stretch out, completely unaware that you, a shrunken person, is hiding on the couch. Her large, magnificent ass and powerful thighs stretch the soft fabric of her leggings and you can't help but imagine what it will feel like to be trapped beneath that soft fabric. You don't have to imagine for long because Andrea ends up taking a seat on the couch, right on top of you! Right away she jumps up to see what she sat on when she spots you staring back up at her. Right away Andrea can tell what you're after, you want to be butt crushed don't you? Or would you rather be sucked deep into the crevice between her cheeks and slowly smothered? Unfortunately that's not up to you, its up to Andrea! She pulls her leggings down and plops her gigantic ass on top of you! When you survive the initial crushing, Andrea decides smothering will be a better fit for you so she stuffs your tiny body deep between her cheeks! Andrea squeezes her cheeks together around you, pushing you as far into her as you can go! Satisfied that you'll properly sealed in place, Andrea strolls out onto her balcony, showing the camera her incredible, inescapable butt as she relaxes, enjoying the feeling of your tiny struggles for air.

Giantess Ass Slave Ass Smother Leggings Andrea Rosu

Featuring: Andrea Rosu

DOWNLOAD FOR 9.99 USD OR 10 Credits

Devoured by Andrea Rosu

Goddesses like Andrea Rosu like to travel comfortably so she's a frequent guest at giantess friendly hotels. Vore fans like yourself also enjoy giantess friendly hotels, but typically only once... Whatever your reason for coming here, you knew the consequences: You would be shrunk and most likely eaten alive by a random hotel guest. You were ok with that so here you are, on a counter top, with Andrea Rosu's hungry stomach towering above you! She didn't notice you at first, she took her time getting settled in and exploring her suite, but it didn't take long for her attention to turn your way. Whatever your feelings are about being eaten alive, Andrea doesn't care. She only cares that you taste good and squirm the way she likes while you're in her tummy! Andrea loves to play with her food so you can expect to be poked at and teased while you digest. This whole vore fantasy is probably pretty overwhelming to you now, but from Andrea's perspective you're more like a minor indulgence. An entertaining snack between meals and forgotten as quickly as any other snack on any other day...

Giantess Vore snack slave Amethyst Mars Andrea Rosu

Featuring: Andrea Rosu

DOWNLOAD FOR 11.99 USD OR 12 Credits

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