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A Long Day for An Li's Ass Slave

You are an over-eager, ass addicted, giantess fan at convention full of the biggest names in the giantess scene. You have seen all of Mistress An Li's videos and obsessed over Her perfectly round, smooth, bubble butt from a distance. Today however, you finally get to see and experience the ass of your dreams in person. Not just in person, but as a shrunken person. Small enough to slide easily into An Li's canyon like ass-crack and be completely overwhelmed by her giant cheeks. It will be hot, dark, and you will be squeezed tightly on all sides. Little by little, you'll be sucked deeper and deeper into An Li's ass. Its very possible you'll never see the light of day again... This clip starts off as POV and switches to 3rd person with a plastic figure about half way through.

Giantess An Li Ass Slave Ass Smother

Featuring: An Li

DOWNLOAD FOR 9.99 USD OR 10 Credits

Stuck Under Jada

"Oh my God you're so pathetic," Madam Jada says as she slowly climbs off Her slave's scrawny body. Jada can tell Her slave's face has been sufficiently crushed and the oxygen deprivation has made the slave's struggles too weak to be amusing, so She decides its time for something else. The slave hopes they are done filming, they were supposed to be done over an hour ago, but Madam Jada wants to keep going and the slave is in no position to stop Her. The result is 30 minutes of candid, full weight chest sitting! Jada's fans have been wanting to know how she feels about the clips she films so She had her slave come up with some interview questions before the shoot. Since she's just sitting around on Her slave's chest anyway, Jada decides to go ahead and answer Her fans questions. "These are cute!" Jada says, laughing a little as she reads the questions to Herself. Without thinking about it, Jada re-positions Herself and drops Her 180 pounds back on the slave's chest causing him to groan as the air is pushed out of his lungs. "Sorry, I have to get comfortable!" Her smile makes it clear She isn't sorry at all though. Jada reads through the questions without lifting off the slave's chest, spending a few minutes to answer each one. The questions ask how She feels about sitting on, smother, and crushing men. How She feels about giantess fetishes and if She would really eat or squish a shrunken slave. As She goes through the questions She changes position from time to time, occasionally stretching her legs out to smother the slave with Her thighs or crossing Her legs to put 100% of Her weight on the slave. Eventually, Madam Jada finishes the interview questions, but She still doesn't feel like getting up! Instead, She wants to spend a little time playing and bouncing on the slave's chest! Jada casually switches between chatting with Her slave and talking to Her fans through the camera. None of this was planned out in advance, the slave genuinely has no idea how long he'll be trapped beneath Jada. The slave is obviously having trouble breathing and obviously in some pain, but also happy to be squished by Jada. Jada is also clearly having fun squishing the slave! She laughs as She plays with her slave, crushing and squeezing him with Her powerful body. In fact, Jada has so much fun that she keeps filming until the camera batteries run out! The slave probably made it out from underneath Her eventually... ;)

Smother Madam Jada Human Furniture Chest Sitting Full Weight

Featuring: Madam Jada, The Queendom

DOWNLOAD FOR 19.99 USD OR 20 Credits

I'm Heavy Aren't I?

"I'm heavy aren't I?" Madam Jada asks at the start of the video, not caring about the slave's answer. Not that she could hear more than a muffled moan coming from the face buried beneath her butt anyway. Jada has been filming with the slave for the last few hours, crushing and smothering him without mercy, only giving him a break long enough for her to change outfits and start the face crushing again! Now its midnight, the slave is tired and ready to go home, but Jada easily overpowers and pins the slave beneath her, unwilling to move until SHE is tired of sitting on him, not the other way around! With plastic wrap holding his arms in place and Jada's 180 pounds resting on his face the slave is complexly helpless! "Just one more minute," Jada teases him, over and over. Constantly giving him hope of release before her ass smothers him into panic again, laughing as she stretches out each "minute" to last longer and longer... Stay tuned for part 2: 30 minutes of chest sitting and a candid interview with Madam Jada!

Facesitting Smother Madam Jada Human Furniture Ass Smother Bondage Full Weight

Featuring: Madam Jada, The Queendom

DOWNLOAD FOR 11.99 USD OR 12 Credits

Lana Luxor Needs A Snack

You are a small, morsel of a man who's life is meant to end in the stomach of a hungry giantess. Lana Luxor is a young, busy, jet-setting Goddess in desperate need of a snack. Lana is so delirious with hunger that she doesn't even you sitting on a small plate, trying to look as appetizing as possible. Instead Lana begins to search the cabinets and refrigerator for anything edible. Finding nothing but water Lana eventually turns her gaze to the counter, and you. Lana stops in her tracks when she spots you. "Look what we have here," she says with a small smile as she wraps her giant hand around you. You're exactly what she was hoping to find and she can't wait to feel you wiggling down her throat and kicking against the walls of her stomach! ***There are a few spots where you can see a camera person or camera in some reflective surfaces

Giantess Vore snack slave Lana Luxor

Featuring: Lana Luxor

DOWNLOAD FOR 4.99 USD OR 5 Credits

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