Amethyst Mars Andrea Rosu An Li Ass Slave Ass Smother Bella Bathory Belly Smother Bettie Bondage Bondage Booty Shorts Breast Smother Britney Candid Chest Sitting Compilation crush Cupcake Sinclair Eating Edyn Blair Executrix Facesitting Facesitting POV Feet Femme Fatale Fishnets Foot Slave Foot Smother Foot Worship Full Weight Gamer Girl Genie Giantess Goddess Fox Goddess Nyx Hannah Hunt Head Crush Head Scissor Helena Locke Holly HOM Smother Human Furniture In Shoe In Stomach Scene Jeans Katelyn Brooks Kawaii Lady Toro Lana Luxor Leggings Lynn Pops Madam Jada Megan Jones Mia Annabella Milah Romanov Miss Starry Mouth Close Up Mummified Odette Pantyhose RavenRae Riot Starter Scissorhold Sleepsack Smother Smother Box Smother Harness Smother Madness Smother Marathon snack slave Stethoscope Stomach Noises Stripper Fetish Sweaty Thong Throat Sitting Trample Veronica Vixen Vore VR
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The Executrix Files: Andrea's Smother Harness

Andrea Rosu is a very busy Executrix!  Every day multiple males meet their end beneath Andrea's big, juicy butt!  So when Her team of smother engineers told her about the smother harness, a device that will lock a male's face into her ass while she's able to stand and move around, She couldn't wait to test it out!  Immediately, Andrea put it on and had the next male on Her list secured inside the harness with Her!  Now his pathetic face is trapped deep between Her soft, heavenly ass cheeks, being slowly and constantly smothered out of existence!  With great effort the male is able to pull back enough against the harness to suck in some much needed air, but the constant pull of the harness quickly brings the male's face back into place.  Right away Andrea falls in love with Her newest toy!  Every time She moves Her body the male's head is dragged along with Her, never able to escape the smothering grip of Her ass!  Slowly, bit by bit, Andrea tightens the harness more and more, making each sip of oxygen harder and harder for the male to find until finally the harness is so tight that the seal between Her ass and his face is completely air tight!  The slave grows desperate and tries to pull his nose and mouth back far enough from Andrea's massive ass to breathe, but the harness keeps him locked in tight until, finally, his struggles cease permanently...

Smother Ass Smother Smother Harness Executrix Femme Fatale Andrea Rosu

Featuring: Andrea Rosu, The Queendom

play-button 09:30

Megan Jones: Extreme Ass Smother Session 4kVR

Its a busy day for Megan Jones!  She's just finished stuffing another shrunken man away between her big, DDD breasts as part of an extreme breast smother session and now she has you to stuff away somewhere too!  Megan knows what you want, you're obsessed with her big, round Latina booty!  Don't you just want to spend all day stuffed deep between those soft cheeks?  Feeling them press in all around your body as Megan goes about her day?  She's going to the beach and its hot out today so you're going to get nice and sweaty back there!  You'll be so soaked in her ass sweat that you'll never get her scent out of your head!  First though, Megan wants to play a bit.  She places your shrunken body between her thighs and gently squeezes you as she jiggles her cheeks.  Next she wedges your body between the couch cushions and pressing her ass into you, occasionally crushing you under her weight!  To your delight though, you aren't actually crushed!  When its finally time, Megan slips you into her bikini bottom and carefully positions your body in between her massive cheeks. "You can't breathe?  Well, that's kind of the point!"  The view switches to 3rd person as Megan shakes her big ass, laughing at your predicament.  Of course its hard to breathe between with your body wedged in her ass crack!  Megan is sure you'll survive the day though, as long as you stay buried deep in her ass, safe from all of the other dangers at the beach.  "You complain too much," Megan finally says before walking out the door with one shrunken man smothering between her breasts and you smothering in her ass!

Giantess Megan Jones Ass Slave Ass Smother VR Amethyst Mars

Featuring: Megan Jones

play-button 13:08

The Executrix Files: Andrea's Smother Chamber

In the future Women rule and males serve.  Those males unfit to serve, deemed useless to Female society, or who's owners simply get tired of them are sent to The Executrix Center for... population control.  Its not as bad as it sounds though, Women understand how simple-minded males are so The Executrix Center is staffed by a team of sexy, merciless Executrixes who use their beautiful bodies to destroy every male who is sent their way.  By far the most popular method of male disposal is facesitting, a method that Andrea Rosu is particularly well suited for!  Inside Andrea's smother chamber a male is waiting, handcuffed and trapped inside a smotherbox.  Andrea has a very busy day ahead, but she has a little time before her next male is ready for her, which means she can have a little fun with this one!  Andrea takes her time smothering the life out of this pathetic male, starting with some hand over mouth smothering before moving into forward facesitting.  The reverse facesitting steals the show though as Andrea's big, incredible ass swallows up the male's face, sealing his nose and mouth between her luscious cheeks.  Andrea stays active, switching between different positions while giving the slave just enough air to survive, at least until her next appointment!  The poor male doesn't know whether to be excited to have his face buried in Andrea's magnificent ass or terrified that it will be the end of his life.  Eventually the survival instinct kicks in, but its far too late.  "I'm done with you," Andrea says flatly, checking her schedule as she lowers her big, round booty onto the smotherbox one last time...

Facesitting Smother Box Smother Ass Smother Executrix Bondage Femme Fatale Andrea Rosu

Featuring: Andrea Rosu, The Queendom

play-button 09:21

Megan Jones: Extreme Breast Smother Session 4KVR

"I hope you know what you're asking for," Megan Jones says as she stares down at you. What you asked for was an extreme breast smother session and now that you're only an inch tall that's exactly what you're going to get! Do you see how tight her top is? How her breasts push against the fabric? Do you think there's room for you in there? Of course there is! Megan's soft breasts will welcome you, allowing you to slide snugly in between them. Once you're in place those soft, but massive breasts will fill all of the space around you, conforming to your body and sealing you in place! That's where you're going to stay for the rest of the day! Its hot out and Megan plan to spend the day at the beach so just imagine how hot and sweaty you'll get, surrounded by her warm skin. But first, Megan will give you a few minutes to get acquainted with her breasts at your new size. She pushes your tiny body into them as she describes how the rest of your day will go. She places you in her bikini top with your head still poking out as she walks around, giving you a chance to feel her massive breasts pressing against you with every step. "Its gonna get a lot tighter and a lot hotter than you are right now," she warns you with a smile. She can tell you're scared, she knows you want to back out, but its too late now! Megan loves to give her session clients EXACTLY what they requested, especially when she knows they'll regret it! You can beg, you can plead, you can struggle all you want, there's no way you'll be able to escape her DDD breasts!

Giantess Smother Megan Jones Breast Smother VR

Featuring: Megan Jones

play-button 01:01:30

Holly Gaming Smother Compilation 2

This is a compilation of 4 classic Goddess Holly gaming facesitting clips from 2014! All four clips have been re-edited from scratch and improved from the original versions! Below are the descriptions for each of the clips in this compilation: Her Gaming Couch Again: A different camera angle than usual is used as Goddess Holly uses her delicious bubble butt to smother her human gaming couch. She has the slave's wrists tied to the legs of her futon and plants her sexy ass over his face and settles in for a long gaming session! Holly keeps her full weight on the slave as she gets into her game, barely even noticing his struggles for air! Gaming Seat Up Close: Goddess Holly uses her gaming seat again, smothering him without mercy as she battles her way through another game, all with a close up view of the facesitting action! The slave's struggles for air are both slightly amusing and annoying to Goddess Holly. Soon she gets tired of the slave's attempts to breath and duct tapes his mouth shut before planting her ass back down again! A closer than usual angle this time so the focus is entirely on that action and her sexy bubble butt! Her Gaming Couch: Goddess Holly is back! Her slave is tied to a futon, ready to serve as a gaming couch cushion all night long! Holly is wearing some sexy, soft, and tight shorts and she plops down on her slave's face without a care. She sits with her full weight smothering him, barely acknowledging the slave's existence as she gives it just enough air to survive. Holly doesn't care about the slave's comfort or need for air, she is completely focused on winning her battle which is far more important than a slave breathing! She sits for long stretches and makes the slave really struggle and fight for every breath, forcing him to hold on and hope she lets wins her fight and gives him some air. About halfway through the clip she strips down to her thong and really seals her slave's face under her sexy bubble butt! This slave begged to be her full time gaming seat and that's exactly what he is going to get! Her Gaming Seat 3: Goddess Holly is back and her smother slave is right where she left it, tied down, face up, and waiting for her sexy bubble butt to smother him! Holly really treats the slave's face as her personal gaming chair and completely forgets about him until he starts squirming and annoying her for air. Occasionally she turns around and does a little forward sitting, but this one is almost all reverse sitting while gaming!

Facesitting Smother Human Furniture Holly Ass Smother Bondage Gamer Girl Compilation

Featuring: Goddess Holly, The Queendom

play-button 08:31

Down Starry's Throat

***Previously un-released clip from 2014!*** Miss Starry thinks your vore fetish is kind of sad and pathetic. Fulfilling your lifelong desire means being eaten alive and digested, it means the end of your life! It means the last days of your life will be spent in her pitch black, acidic, unbearably hot stomach. Your shrunken body will still fill Starry up so much that you'll hardly be able to move, at least not until you're digested enough that you no longer have limbs to move! But still, your desire to be eaten is overwhelming. Well, whatever she may think of you for wanting to be eaten, she certainly wouldn't mind swallowing you whole! You're far from the first man she's eaten alive and truth be told she loves the feeling of a live meal squirming in her tummy! Miss Starry gives you a long, close look at her mouth as you shrink. She describes your fate as she shows you her mouth and throat before eventually you're small enough to fit entirely in her mouth! The camera switches to an endoscope view as Starry sucks on your and enjoys your flavor for just a little longer. When you finally do make your way down to her stomach you finally realize how inescapable your situation is. From the outside however, Miss Starry can't tell if your struggles mean you're excited or terrified. Either way she won't be letting you out! When she pulls her dress back down and covers her belly all sign of your struggles are hidden. Now she can get on with her day without anyone knowing you're fighting a losing battle for your life inside her stomach! The clip ends with a short scene after you've been digested. Starry's about to use the bathroom, but she's already forgotten about you. Before she takes a seat she wonders if her latest ass slave is still with her (that clip coming soon). With a shrug she takes a seat anyway, caring no more about him than she did about digesting you alive!

Giantess Vore Miss Starry Mouth Close Up

Featuring: Miss Starry

play-button 09:39

Locked In Jada's Smotherbox

Jada's ass is incredible, truly a sight to behold. If you happen to be staring up at it though, watching it get closer and closer to your face its both exciting and terrifying! On one hand those two big, pillow-y cheeks will feel so soft and nice pressed against your face, but on the other hand they will also completely cut off your air supply! Even the most fanatical facesitting enthusiasts will eventually beg to be let out from underneath Jada, desperate to breathe freely again. That's not an option for this slave though, he is Madam Jada's PERMANENT smother slave! Lately though the smothering has been for this slave. He's been begging for freedom and pleading not to be sat on, but Jada doesn't care. Instead, Jada decides that the slave needs to spend all night locked in a smotherbox, getting reacquainted with her incredible butt. "All you do is complain, but you get to live under my ass!" Whatever the slave tries to say in response is muffled and lost in Jada's ass. Jada doesn't care though, she's back from a long day of swimming, she's tired and in no mood for games or a rebellious smother slave! "It was hot outside too, I was sweating a lot!" With his nose wedged deep, deep between Jada's cheeks the slave can surely tell its been a long, active, sweaty day for Jada! "You can't breathe?" She asks, spreading her cheeks wider and taking the slave's face deeper into her ass crack. "Well that's just too bad, because this is where you'll be staying forever! FOREVER!" She makes sure to shake her ass on the slave's face for emphasis as she says forever. All Jada wants to do is keep her ass firmly planted on the smotherbox and feel the slave grow desperate to breathe over, and over, and over, and over again! Jada starts with forward facesitting, but most of the video is close up views of reverse facesitting goodness! In the end Jada switches to a sexy, side saddle position with legs crossed as she settles in for a long night of ass smothering!

Facesitting Smother Box Smother Madam Jada Human Furniture Ass Smother Bondage

Featuring: Madam Jada, The Queendom

play-button 08:32

Just Another Snack

When you were packaged into a container of cookies at the local, vore-friendly grocery store you never imagined it would be the infamous Mistress Kawaii that bought you! Yet here you are, in a grocery bag, waiting to be unpacked with the rest of Kawaii's snacks! The video starts with a mix of 3rd person and POV shots from inside a clear, plastic container. She places your container on the counter as she nonchalantly snacks on a few cookies, as though a tiny man wasn't waiting to be eaten alive. You're trapped underneath one of the cookies, staring at her belly, wondering when it will happen. After a few cookies, its finally your turn. She pushes the cookie off of you, and brings you up to her mouth. Without looking at you once, she pushes you against her tongue and gives you a few good licks, taking a minute to savor your taste like she would with any of her other favorite foods. Soon enough you're in her mouth, down her throat, and filling her belly! With some juice to wash you down and a small burp, Kawaii is done snacking for awhile! Kawaii moves over to her couch and relaxes while you lay trapped in her stomach, wondering if she's even aware you're still alive. As the digestion process kicks you in become desperate. Frantically, you start to squirm around, pushing against the walls her stomach. "Yeah, yeah, I know you're in there," Kawaii says, rolling her eyes as she finally acknowledges your existence. From the outside we can see Kawaii's stomach move as you desperately try to escape, but Kawaii won't be helping you. Instead she laughs at you, pats her belly and tells you to just calm down and enjoy yourself. You keep squirming though, making her stomach move around a bit while she relaxes, but that's all you can do. Kawaii wishes you would be still and try to relax, but she doesn't really care if you struggle either. You're already in her stomach! Nothing you do can slow down digestion! Half of the video is before being eaten and half is after you've been eaten with a lot of views of Kawaii's squirming stomach.

Giantess Vore Kawaii snack slave Amethyst Mars

Featuring: Kawaii

play-button 08:42

Weapons of mASS Destruction Part 2

Goddess Nyx and Mistress Kawaii are back from a big meal and eager to crush their human seat again! They reposition their slave so they can both sit side by side, full weight, covering the slave's body from face to knees with their incredible asses! The slave's face and body are absolutely crushed under Kawaii's and Nyx's combined weights, but the Mistresses couldn't care less. Replacement slaves are easy to come by afterall! Kawaii and Nyx are relentless, lifting just enough to keep the slave alive. Is there any way the slave can survive an entire night beneath these two smother queens? They're going to find out!

Facesitting Human Furniture Chest Sitting Ass Smother Full Weight Kawaii Goddess Nyx

Featuring: Goddess Nyx, Kawaii, The Queendom

play-button 11:17

Consumed By Andreas Ass

Andrea Rosu enjoys traveling in comfort so she stays at the nicest giantess friendly hotels. She's just arrived at her suite after a long day of flying. She takes a minute to stretch out, completely unaware that you, a shrunken person, is hiding on the couch. Her large, magnificent ass and powerful thighs stretch the soft fabric of her leggings and you can't help but imagine what it will feel like to be trapped beneath that soft fabric. You don't have to imagine for long because Andrea ends up taking a seat on the couch, right on top of you! Right away she jumps up to see what she sat on when she spots you staring back up at her. Right away Andrea can tell what you're after, you want to be butt crushed don't you? Or would you rather be sucked deep into the crevice between her cheeks and slowly smothered? Unfortunately that's not up to you, its up to Andrea! She pulls her leggings down and plops her gigantic ass on top of you! When you survive the initial crushing, Andrea decides smothering will be a better fit for you so she stuffs your tiny body deep between her cheeks! Andrea squeezes her cheeks together around you, pushing you as far into her as you can go! Satisfied that you'll properly sealed in place, Andrea strolls out onto her balcony, showing the camera her incredible, inescapable butt as she relaxes, enjoying the feeling of your tiny struggles for air.

Giantess Ass Slave Ass Smother Leggings Andrea Rosu

Featuring: Andrea Rosu

play-button 11:11

Weapons of mASS Destruction Part 1

Be on alert everyone! Two dominatrixes in possession of weapons of mASS destruction are on the loose! They have booties of incredible size and power and have been known to use them to smother and flatten men! "Look at how small he is!" Goddess Nyx says, delighted to have such a crush-able victim at Her disposal. "Yeah he's so tiny," Mistress Kawaii agrees, "such a skinny little wimp!" Goddess Nyx thinks that Her and Kawaii's enormous asses can cover the man from head to toe and Kawaii agrees that its worth trying. While Nyx swallows the man's face in an incredible reverse facesit, Mistress Kawaii stretches out her legs in a full weight chest sit. Their wimpy seat is completely overpowered, their combined weight easily pinning the man as they sit. When Mistress Kawaii spreads her cheeks for a full weight facesit the man's face disappears beneath her! Lots of great close ups as these Mistresses use their epic butts to smother, crush, and dominate their slave!

Facesitting Smother Human Furniture Ass Smother Kawaii Goddess Nyx

Featuring: Goddess Nyx, Kawaii, The Queendom

play-button 12:16

Devoured by Andrea Rosu

Goddesses like Andrea Rosu like to travel comfortably so she's a frequent guest at giantess friendly hotels. Vore fans like yourself also enjoy giantess friendly hotels, but typically only once... Whatever your reason for coming here, you knew the consequences: You would be shrunk and most likely eaten alive by a random hotel guest. You were ok with that so here you are, on a counter top, with Andrea Rosu's hungry stomach towering above you! She didn't notice you at first, she took her time getting settled in and exploring her suite, but it didn't take long for her attention to turn your way. Whatever your feelings are about being eaten alive, Andrea doesn't care. She only cares that you taste good and squirm the way she likes while you're in her tummy! Andrea loves to play with her food so you can expect to be poked at and teased while you digest. This whole vore fantasy is probably pretty overwhelming to you now, but from Andrea's perspective you're more like a minor indulgence. An entertaining snack between meals and forgotten as quickly as any other snack on any other day...

Giantess Vore snack slave Amethyst Mars Andrea Rosu

Featuring: Andrea Rosu

play-button 11:52

Smotherbox Fun with Amethyst Mars

Amethyst Mars has a slave trapped in the smotherbox and she's ready to have some sweaty, smothering fun! She begins by using her bare feet, pinching the slave's nose closed between her still sweaty toes while resting her magnificent ass on his stomach. After about 3 minutes of foot smothering Amethyst is ready to take things up a notch and plops her bubble butt right on the slave's face! She bounces and grinds her sweaty, leggings-clad ass into the slave's face as she sits forward and reverse. Its clear from the smile and laughter that Amethyst is enjoying every one of her slave's futile struggles, no amount of squirming or pleading will free him from the smotherbox! The slave is trapped and he will be smothered by Amethyst's sweaty ass for as long as she wants!

Facesitting Smother Box Smother Human Furniture Foot Smother Ass Smother Amethyst Mars

Featuring: Amethyst Mars, The Queendom

play-button 05:59

Enslaved To Hannah Hunt's Ass

Hannah saw the way you were checking her out during yoga, but she saw more than that. Hannah saw that you secretly desire to be dominated by her, you dream about being her slave! Today's your lucky day then, Hannah is going to give you once chance to submit to her. If you agree to serve her completely, in any way she desires, then get on your knees and kiss her foot! After agreeing to become Hannah's slave you immediately shrank to only a few inches tall. You have no idea how this happened, but you look up to see Hannah towering above you. "You think I haven't noticed you staring at me, at my ass in particular?" She asks, squeezing one of her juicy cheeks with one of her hands as she stares down at you. "Lucky for you I'm going to turn you into my little ass slave!" Hannah brings your tiny body up to the bed and orders you to climb up the back of her thighs, onto her jiggling cheeks, and into her very tight booty shorts. Hannah lifts her shorts so you can crawl inside. As soon as you're in the shorts snap back into place, pressing you into Hannah's butt and sealing you into darkness. The view switches to 3rd person as Hannah shakes and jiggles her cheeks, forcing your body deeper and deeper into her. Its all fun and games for Hannah as she rolls around in bed, feeling your body being squished and smothered between her cheeks. For you its a mixture of extreme excitement and terror, but you are also helpless. This is your life now and Hannah's sure that you'll enjoy it, for however long it lasts. To help you get acclimated to your new environment Hannah decides to skip showering, despite how sweaty she got during yoga! **The first 1 1/2 minutes of this clip are the same intro/shrinking scene from To Serve Is to Be Consumed

Giantess Hannah Hunt Ass Slave Ass Smother Booty Shorts

Featuring: Hannah Hunt

play-button 05:17

To Serve Is to Be Consumed

Hannah saw the way you were checking her out during yoga, but she saw more than that. Hannah saw that you secretly desire to be dominated by her, you dream about being her slave! Today's your lucky day then, Hannah is going to give you once chance to submit to her. If you agree to serve her completely, in any way she desires, then get on your knees and kiss her foot! After agreeing to become Hannah's slave you immediately shrank to only a few inches tall. You have no idea how this happened, but before you have a moment to think Hannah's hand scoops you up and moves you to her bed. Looking up at Hannah's now giant body is exciting and you begin to fantasize about the possibilities of being a shrunken slave when things become clear. Hannah rubs her stomach and looks into your eyes as she tells you that she plans to eat you alive! She appreciates your willingness to serve and even though she isn't really interested in a new slave, she is very interested in a filling meal! You stare at Hannah's belly, imagining what it will be like on the inside. You don't have to imagine for long though, Hannah is hungry and she isn't interested in what her food thinks about anything! After eating Hannah lays in bed and enjoys the feeling of a filling, still squirming meal in her belly. She starts to drift off to sleep, but makes herself get up to shower, giving us all a wonderful view of her ass on the way out!

Giantess Vore Hannah Hunt Femme Fatale Stomach Noises

Featuring: Hannah Hunt

play-button 08:40

Give Me One Minute!

Madam Jada is mad at her slave. She's heard that he's been bragging to other seats about how long he can hold his breath, acting like he's the greatest seat to ever live. Obviously that kind of cockyness in a slave needs to be dealt with so Jada's going to put his boasts to the test, with intense ass smothering! First, Jada stuffs her sweaty, well worn gym socks into the slave's mouth, next she drops her incredible ass down and begins the smothering! It turns out the slave, despite his bragging, can't seem to hold his breath as long as he used to. Within about 30 seconds the scrawny seat begins to flail around beneath Jada, but with his arms wrapped tight in plastic wrap there's nothing he can do to shift the mountain of ass that's settled on his face! Eventually Jada lets the slave breathe, but she's determined to teach this cocky slave a lesson so she starts a timer to track his performance as a seat. Jada demands that all of her seats be able to last at least a minute beneath her, but this slave seems to be having trouble with even that! Its going to be a very long, breathless day beneath Jada for this slave!

Facesitting Smother Madam Jada Ass Smother Bondage Amethyst Mars

Featuring: Madam Jada, The Queendom

play-button 06:20

A Squishable Slave Part 2

"I told you I was going to shrink you!" Riot Starter says as she unzips the sleepsack to find her now tiny slave. The slave liked being sat on so much that Riot is sure he'll love his new home, in her ass! "I'm going to put you in head first," she laughs while stuffing his tiny body deep between her cheeks. Immediately Riot squeezes her cheeks together, crushing the little man that's now trapped in between them. That's not enough for Riot though so she moves the tiny man out from between her cheeks and drops him between her smooth thighs. "I'm just going to pulverize your bones with a scissor hold!" Riot, who is infamous for her inescapable scissor holds, expertly stretches her legs out, tensing her powerful thigh muscles around the helpless man. "How are you even alive right now?" She imagines it must feel like being in a trash compactor, but she keeps squeezing a little longer. As much fun as she's had abusing this slave she has other things to do so back into her ass he goes! Riot laughs at the way the man pleads with her for mercy, but nothing will change her mind. She's going to keep the slave trapped in her ass for as long as he lives and since the slave won't be needing it anymore, Riot is also going to help herself to all of his stuff!

Giantess Ass Slave Ass Smother Riot Starter

Featuring: Riot Starter

play-button 12:18

A Squishable Slave Part 1

Riot Starter loves to smother and break men, in fact she NEEDS to smother and break men, its her calling in life. So when she stumbles upon a man who makes facesitting videos regularly and can seem to take a good amount of ass smothering Riot Starter takes it as a personal challenge to break him! The man thought the shoot was over, he thought Riot Starter would let him out of the sleepsack and they'd each go their separate ways, but Riot Starter has other plans: More facesitting! The man tries to object, but Riot Starter points out that there's really nothing he can do about it as she gleefully slams her bubble butt onto the man's face and settles in for a nice, long facesit! The man is clearly torn between the excitement of being helpless beneath such a dominant, facesitting Queen and fear for the exact same reason, but the excitement wins out and instead of calling for help or trying to escape the useless man squirms a bit and weakly objects to being smothered against his will. "Its not like you can do anything anyway," Riot Starter says before giving the slave a choice: Face her crushing head scissors or smother beneath her ass! The man tries to speak but Riot cuts him off by lowering her ass back onto his face. She can see through the weak objections though, she knows the man still loves every breathless second beneath her butt! So she mixes things up, switching between reverse and forward sitting, throwing in some full weight and bouncing, hoping to push the man to beg for his life, but the man's oxygen deprived brain keeps wanting more and more of her spectacular ass! Even as Riot drops more and more hints that the man won't escape her ass alive, he stays mesmerized by the shaking and jiggling of her cheeks against his face, almost willing to go along with whatever she has planned. So finally, Riot Starter decides to take things up a notch; if extra facesitting won't break the man, perhaps being shrunk will! She's going shrink the man, trap him deep between her ass cheeks, and leave him there for the rest of his life!

Facesitting Smother Ass Slave Ass Smother Sleepsack Femme Fatale Riot Starter

Featuring: Riot Starter, The Queendom

play-button 05:38

Goddess Nyx's Secret Snack

Shhh, be quiet! Goddess Nyx wants to eat you, but there are several hungry giantesses in the room next door! The question isn't do you want to be eaten or not, the question is would you prefer to be eaten alive by Nyx or ripped into multiple pieces and eaten by Nyx and her friends? Because if you want to be ripped to pieces you could try to scream for help, but wouldn't you much rather let Goddess Nyx have Her way with you? Wouldn't it be nicer to feel yourself slide over her tongue, down her throat, and settle into her stomach? Don't you want to feel Her rubbing and squeezing her belly while you're trapped inside? Of course you do! Goddess Nyx loves to play with Her food, especially after She's swallowed it! She squeezes her stomach and pokes at you, toying with you as you digest slowly. You were the perfect size snack before her night out with friends, She's glad She didn't have to share you! Are you glad to still be alive, trapped in Her stomach acids, slowly being digested?

Giantess Vore snack slave Amethyst Mars Goddess Nyx

Featuring: Goddess Nyx

play-button 05:57

Madam Jada: Throat Crushing Punishment

See the first part of this series: Jada's Human Scale "186! Really?" Jada asks, furious with her slave for failing as a human scale. "Are you trying to say I'm fat?" Jada throws the wimpy slave onto the bed and plants her big, sexy ass and 177 pounds on the slave's skinny throat! Right away the slave's face starts to turn red and purple as he struggles to breathe, straining to keep from being choked by Jada's ass. To help the slave become a better scale Jada decides to stay where she's at until the slave guesses her correct weight. The slave tries to call out a number, but he can't speak. Jada's ass is crushing his throat and its all the slave can do to stay conscious. None of this concerns Jada though, she couldn't care less how the slave feels beneath her! ***Throat sitting with a little thigh smothering. There's no actual face sitting, though Jada's ass and thighs are so much bigger than the slave that his face is partially covered by her.

Facesitting Madam Jada Human Furniture Throat Sitting

Featuring: Madam Jada, The Queendom

play-button 09:11

Jada's Human Scale

Jada has a big night to get ready for, but she also wants to play a little game with her slave. The game goes like this: Jada will use the slave's head as her makeup stool and the slave has to guess her weight, like a human scale! Of course, this means Jada will need to sit with her full weight on the slave, which she's always happy to do! Jada starts by simply dropping her butt on the slave, but she shows the viewers her weight before starting her makeup (177 lbs, its out of focus in the shot). Jada's ass is big and absolutely amazing! It spreads across the slave's entire head and over his face, sometimes making the slave disappear from view! You can see the slave's face and neck turning deep red and purple beneath Jada's weight and its obvious he's struggling, but Jada simply doesn't care! "I should sit on you like this more often!" For 8 minutes Jada stays planted full weight on the slave's head, giving him ample time to accurately judge her weight. "You'd better guess right or its gonnna be hell for you!" Jada warns the slave, but with her ass still planted on the side of the slave's head he can't hear anything, of course that's not Jada's problem. Will the slave guess correctly or will Jada have to devise a new punishment for her human scale? This was a custom clip, but no names were used.

Facesitting Madam Jada Human Furniture crush Amethyst Mars Head Crush

Featuring: Madam Jada, The Queendom

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We're All Going To Sit On You! Part 11

Once or twice every year, dominatrixes and fetish stars get together for a big convention. This year, the lowly Queendom slave has been brought along to have his face crushed, flattened, and smothered for five days! It will be the ultimate test for this lifelong furniture slave, can he survive being smothered by 12 different women? There's only one way to find out... "God I love having you under my ass!" Lady Toro says, bouncing her magnificent ass on her slave's face for emphasis. Lady Toro's round bubble butt was made to smother faces and that's all she wants to do! In fact, Lady Toro has been having so much fun crushing and smothering the furniture slave that she invited her good friend Odette over to help! Odette has never tried using human furniture before, but with a big, round, soft bubble butt she's sure to be a natural! "Its very comfortable!" Odette says as she settles into a reverse facesitting position as Lady Toro gives her a few pointers. When Toro suggests giving the slave breathe every now and then Odette laughs," Oh, I forgot about that!" Lady Toro grabs her friends luscious ass and presses it firmly against the slave's face, making sure the slave's nose and mouth are sealed tight. The two ladies have a blast smothering and bouncing on the slave in different positions, at times piling on for double facesitting fun! The slave's face turns bright red and purple beneath these Goddesses asses, but he's either too weak too fight back or too mesmerized by the barrage of booty to care about oxygen! Let's be honest though, if it were your face beneath these Goddesses would you want to fight them off or let them have their ass-smothering way with you?? This clip is hot! Both of these women have amazing asses that wrap around the slave's face, swallowing him up as they sit!

Facesitting Smother Human Furniture Ass Smother Smother Marathon Lady Toro Odette

Featuring: Lady Toro, Odette, The Queendom

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We're All Going To Sit On You Part 10

Once or twice every year, dominatrixes and fetish stars get together for a big convention. This year, the lowly Queendom slave has been brought along to have his face crushed, flattened, and smothered for five days! It will be the ultimate test for this lifelong furniture slave, can he survive being smothered by 12 different women? There's only one way to find out... Mistress Kawaii and Goddess Fox have been busy thoroughly destroying the furniture slave's face for the last few days, but before they leave town they turn the lucky slave over to the infamous Lady Toro! The three Mistresses pile onto the slave together, with Kawaii dropping her huge ass on the slave's face first while Lady Toro admires the perfect, air tight seal Kawaii's ass forms as she sits. To say Lady Toro is eager to get in on this ass smothering party would be an understatement. As soon as Mistress Kawaii vacates the slave's face Lady Toro immediately jumps on the slave's face, covering him beneath her sexy ass and thighs. When Toro turns around for reverse facesitting her bubble butt engulfs the slave's face, forming an air tight seal just like Kawaii (Lady Toro's bubble butt is truly a sight to behold!) Soon Goddess Fox takes her turn on the slave's face and she locks his face in place between her powerful thighs as she smothers him. The Mistresses take turns crushing the slave's face and chest. "Are you thirsty?" Lady Toro asks before gracing the slave with some of her Goddess spit! Soon Mistress Kawaii gets in on the fun and they help re-hydrate the slave their spit before covering his face with their asses again! Eventually Mistress Kawaii and Goddess Fox need to get ready to catch their flight and the ladies leave the furniture waiting for Lady Toro to return...

Facesitting Smother Human Furniture Chest Sitting Ass Smother Kawaii Smother Marathon Lady Toro Goddess Fox

Featuring: Kawaii, Goddess Fox, Lady Toro, The Queendom

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We're All Going To Sit On You! Part 9

Once or twice every year, dominatrixes and fetish stars get together for a big convention. This year, the lowly Queendom slave has been brought along to have his face crushed, flattened, and smothered for five days! It will be the ultimate test for this lifelong furniture slave, can he survive being smothered by 12 different women? There's only one way to find out... Mistress Kawaii and Goddess Fox crush and smother their helpless, plastic wrapped slave! No mercyis shown and no fucks are given about the poor, scrawny slave that's being slowly flattened beneath two, big booty Queens! ... 10 minutes of mostly chest sitting and 8 minutes of facesitting

Facesitting Human Furniture Chest Sitting Ass Smother Bondage Kawaii Goddess Fox

Featuring: Kawaii, Goddess Fox, The Queendom

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Enjoy It Slave! (Re-Edited)

*** This clip is a re-edited version of Enjoy it Slave! This version has been re-edited from scratch to improve the colors and shadows/highlights.*** Well haven't you been a good slave for Mistress Lynn Pops? You have served her online for over a year now. She has indulged your giantess festishes through clips and sessions, but now she thinks you're ready for the real thing! She instructed you to shrink and mail yourself to her, to give yourself to her as a snack! Well after a few days in the mail you have finally arrived at Lynn's house and she's thrilled to see you! Lynn takes you out of the package and gives you a little tease, showing you her beautiful body, which you're going to be part of soon. But she doesn't just want to show you, she wants you to explore her body as you walk up to her hungry mouth! You have been a good slave and she wants you to indulge in your ultimate fantasy. She see's that standing on her stomach is making you nervous, can you hear her tummy rumbling for you? Well, Lynn likes it when her slaves crawl willingly into her mouth so she gives you some incentive. If you crawl willingly into her mouth she will give you some time to enjoy yourself in her mouth and even jerk off if that's what you want to do. However, if you are too scared to enjoy your own fantasy she'll simply drop you in her mouth and swallow you straight down now. So what will it be little man? Shot mostly POV with our giantess camera. Short in mouth endoscope scene before she finally swallows you down!

Giantess Vore Femme Fatale Amethyst Mars Lynn Pops

Featuring: Lynn Pops

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We're All Going To Sit On You Part 8

Once or twice every year, dominatrixes and fetish stars get together for a big convention. This year, the lowly Queendom slave has been brought along to have his face crushed, flattened, and smothered for five days! It will be the ultimate test for this lifelong furniture slave, can he survive being smothered by 12 different women? There's only one way to find out... Domina Helena has thoroughly abused Her furniture slave, but sadly its time for Her to leave the Femdom convention. Before Helena leaves though she wants personally pass off the slave to its next owner, Mistress Andrea Rosu! Helena is relaxing on the couch, using the slave's face as Her footrest when Andrea walks in. The two Goddesses immediately turn their attention to the furniture slave who foolishly pleads to be let out. "That's why you've got to sit on him all the time!" Helena quickly lowers Her incredible, shapely bubble butt onto the slave's face to keep him quiet! When Andrea has a turn on the slave's face Helena stands and kneels on the slave's chest with all of Her weight. Andrea's ass and thighs made for facesitting and She practically absorbs the slave's face into Her cheeks as She smothers him. The two Goddesses take turns smothering the slave, making sure never to leave his face uncovered for too long and requiring him to say "thank you" every time he's allowed to breathe. Andrea takes training slaves seriously and She plans to heed Helena's advice; She's going to keep this talkative slave's face covered and quiet every minute of Her stay! Can the slave possibly survive spending a full day buried beneath Andrea?

Facesitting Smother Box Helena Locke Smother Human Furniture Ass Smother Bondage Smother Marathon Andrea Rosu

Featuring: Helena Locke, Andrea Rosu, The Queendom

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Digesting Her Crush

Not long ago Lana's friend (you) worked up the courage to not only admit he had a crush on her, but also wanted to be crushed and dominated by her! Lana was enjoying it, but now her friend keeps asking for more and more until he finally started to get on Lana's nerves. So, when you asked Lana to shrink and swallow you alive she quickly agreed! But now, face with the reality of being slowly digested and broken down inside Lana's hungry stomach you're starting to think this was a bad idea. Unfortunately for you, Lana still thinks its a good idea! "You can't go back now, I have to eat you!" she says, patting her stomach for emphasis. "Actually, I want to eat you!" Lana moves in closer to you, bringing her mouth closer as she tells you how hopeless your situation is. There's nothing left for you to do except walk willingly into her open mouth and let yourself be swallowed whole! Using a stethoscope Lana can hear your pathetic complaints from inside her stomach. "No no no, there's no way I'm throwing up. I never throw up!" she says, as though the idea of throwing up were somehow worse than letting you be digested in her stomach acid. In fact, Lana is so turned off by the idea of throwing you up that she decides to stop listening to you all together! Lana removes the stethoscope and lays back on the couch, feeling sleepy after her big meal. Hopefully when she wakes up from her nap you'll have either calmed down or digested enough for her not to notice you anymore!

Giantess Vore Femme Fatale Stethoscope Lana Luxor

Featuring: Lana Luxor

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Crushing Her Crush

Lana Luxor's friend has a crush on her, but Lana knows what her friend really wants is to be crushed BY her! So Lana has her friend zipped up in a sleepsack so he'll be nice and helpless while she sits on his face! Right away Lana can tell that she's going to enjoy using her friend as her seat! She bounces and grinds her bubble butt into her friend's face. She doesn't understand why her friend seems uncomfortable when she sits full weight or squeezes his head between her powerful thighs. Didn't he want to be underneath her? Generously, Lana decides that maybe if she takes off her leggings her friend will be more cooperative. To no one's surprise, it works! Thong facesitting always calms a seat down... at least until the panic sets in! To make sure her friend isn't too comfortable Lana starts slamming her ass down on him over and over. After 10 minutes beneath Lana her friend has had enough, but Lana hasn't! Instead of letting her friend go, Lana grabs the TV remote, plants her ass full weight on her friend's face, and settles in for a long night of ass smothering!

Facesitting Ass Smother Head Scissor Sleepsack Bondage Lana Luxor

Featuring: Lana Luxor, The Queendom

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Life as Lynn Pops' Ass Slave: Re-Edited Compilation

Now re-edited and improved, the three-part series "Life as Lynn Pops Ass Slave" is now available as a single video! This compilation contains Life As Lynn Pops Ass Slave: Heaven or Hell? Lynn Pops Ass Slave: Several Months Later Lynn Pops' Ass Slave's End In Part 1 of this series Lynn offers you, her devoted fan a chance to live out your ultimate fantasy: To become Her shrunken ass slave! You'll spend all day every day trapped between Lynn's big, soft cheeks, just where you want to be! But little do you know, there's a catch... You'll be safe and you'll survive, but you will still feel the immense weight and pressure of her body as she sits and those soft cheeks squeeze around you. You'll still feel the panic that comes from needing to breathe, but being completely smothered by Her flesh. Eventually you'll even pass out, only to wake up still trapped, still crushed, and still smothered. This process will repeat over and over and over again, hundreds of times every day, for the rest of your life! Meanwhile Lynn will be laughing at your predicament and enjoying your tiny struggles! In Part 2, after several months Lynn decides to check in on you. She wants to see how your "quality of life" has been since you became Her ass slave. She knows you regret agreeing to be Her slave, in fact She rather enjoys seeing your regret! Despite it all She can also tell you are still hopelessly addicted to Her ass! Which is good, because you're going back in! In Part 3, after a year as Lynn's slave, She has finally grown tired of you. You have become to used to the endless smothering and you barely struggle. She warns you that She will give you one more day to prove that you want to remain Her ass slave. Struggle like your life depends on it, because it does! If you fail to make Lynn happy she will simply let you fall into the toilet and flush you away...

Giantess Ass Slave Ass Smother Lynn Pops

Featuring: Lynn Pops

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We're All Going To Sit On You Part 7

Once or twice every year, dominatrixes and fetish stars get together for a big convention. This year, the lowly Queendom slave has been brought along to have his face crushed, flattened, and smothered for five days! It will be the ultimate test for this lifelong furniture slave, can he survive being smothered by 12 different women? There's only one way to find out... The word about the furniture slave is out and Domina Helena requested to use him next. She had the slave delivered to her suite and laid out on the couch while she enjoyed a long, relaxing bath. Wearing a short, silky robe and steaming hot coffee in hand, Helena casually walks in and takes a seat on the slave's face. Helena kicks her legs out and relaxes, smothering and crushing the slave beneath her ass and thighs as she sips on her coffee. When Helena turns for fullweight reverse facesitting she cruelly places her coffee cup on the slave's chest, testing the furniture slave's ability to remain still. Soon she unties and lifts her robe, revealing her sexy bubble butt. She turns for some forward facesitting, swallowing the slave's face between her luscious cheeks. The slave squirms, but Helena has no sympathy. "Relax and meditate bitch!" She shouts, urging the slave to conserve his oxygen because she doesn't plan to move! Its going to be a long, breathless day for the slave and Helena is only getting started!

Facesitting Helena Locke Human Furniture Ass Smother Sleepsack Bondage Full Weight Smother Marathon

Featuring: Helena Locke, The Queendom